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MARUISHI northern tianjin bicycle mall flagship store grand opening

Date:2016年4月22日 17:55

At 9 a.m. on April 8, 2015, 58 minutes, into the bike store entrance, north MARUISHI greeted by a bicycle in the north mall flagship store of the long-awaited MARUISHI tianjin flagship store opened in the northern city.

(MARUISHI north mall store)

Tianjin bicycle north mall is one of the country's largest bicycle parts base, covers an area of 120000 square meters, gathered nearly thousand bicycle parts manufacturers and operators across the country, annual turnover of nearly one hundred million yuan. Mall is located in tianjin, hebei and dong li xing zhuang 15 kilometers to the outer border river.
Sales manager

(the left one: MARUISHI Yu Qingfang middle: wang yong, general manager of a right: the north mall flagship store MARUISHI nationwide marketing director zhang yong)

The maruishi settled in northern Tianjin Bicycle mall, with headquarters in Tianjin maruishi echo, in the north market development strategic position, Tianjin maruishi Bicycle Co., LTD., attaches great importance to the development of maruishi Tianjin Bicycle north mall store, and for the Tianjin Bicycle mall store give better vision and expectations. 2015 maruishi designers to make use of bicycle to return to nature is the design idea, in daily life as the center, adhering to the "Japan pill stone" in one hundred, production technology and brand, at the same time, the fusion of modern Chinese cultural elements, to change the new cognition of the bicycle modern. With firecrackers sound, the opening ceremony in the laughter of the guest many cyclists and perfection.

(pill stone north mall flagship city light car area)

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