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"Maruishi" pill stone wonderful appearance The 15th international bicycle electric car exhibition in north China

Date:2016年4月8日 17:52

March 27 - on March 29, 2015, after three days of the 15th international bicycle in north China electric car exhibition in tianjin meijiang international conference and exhibition center is satisfactory, the exhibition has had tremendous success, show a large domestic exhibition wind model. "The exhibition to display the innovation achievements, the promotion industry culture" as the exhibition theme, around the high quality brand, product upgrading, promote the construction of brand culture, as well as new materials, new technology, new technology, new product development, take advantage of this exhibition a new level.
The day on March 27th, in meijiang convention and exhibition center, phase ii nearly 200000 people, have sprung up in the pavilion, the three days of the attendance of nearly 300000 people. The exhibition total exhibition area of one hundred and twenty thousand square meters, indoor and outdoor plaza, installed at the same time, the standard booth number nearly 6000, more than 600 exhibitors. Exhibitors include bicycles, electric vehicle and components. Buggies and components. Production and processing equipment; Technology, materials; Sports leisure products and cycling equipment; Professional media and institutions; Provide overall service provider of digital management, etc.

The exhibition pill stone is located in the bicycle vehicle pavilion hall N2 T06 booth, the booth area of 255 ㎡, display a total of 39 45 series products, including 10 to 2015 first product, the rest of the models are on the basis of original products to adjust and upgrade. This exhibition product brochures and souvenir out nearly 2000 sets, reception of domestic distributor more than 10, 500, foreign trader, cycling club more than 20, deserve to act the role of accessories and suppliers the, industry media number 20 and individuals. And during the show love buying the company organized a national distributor partners to visit the port production research and development base, and the dealer friends' consistent high praise.

Is not the same with the domestic other bike show, exhibition in tianjin bicycle culture is unique. Here are also sells for more than 10 w yuan's top luxury cars, but more, there are more close to the ordinary recreational models, let bicycle more carries the most original function of it -- instead of walking. In The Times of stress individual character, walking also should have. 2015 maruishi (pill) will reshape city bike culture in contemporary China fashion brand, led the new age young people experience fast, free, low carbon, fashion, full of warmth and joy of new urban experience.

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