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▶ dedicated men pet car to cross stainless steel frame ▶ ▶ ▶ rust gray aluminum brake handle chain Alloy rims ▶ ▶ ▶ dedicated pipe hanger Jubilee Ma Nuoluo wind up, within the three-speed Shimano Shimano LED ▶ Autolamps

▶ Retro car special pet basket ▶ imported toxic pet special package ▶ pill stone for the front and rear locks



1 bag for carrying pets volume is relatively large, whether it is large or small pets, can bring with him;

2, frame design is reasonable, the frame is based on the "ultra-low bed frame program" designed largely easy to get off, and enhance the sense of security when riding;

3, the center of gravity handlebar positioning reasonable, pet bag fitted exactly in the center of the handlebar position. Even pets in a moving way, beating, it will not affect the center of gravity offset handlebar;

4, Frame Fork parts containing "pill Stone" leading patent lock, prevent handlebar car at standstill due to the pet cause of beating around the car even propping deflection and fall;

5, professional automatic sensor lights so you can ignore the impact of the road at night, make riding more fun;

6, humane within the three-speed design, to meet the various needs traffic to make your ride more easily, enjoy easy and pleasant ride of life;

7, beautiful fashion frame design, contemporary colors, allowing you to ride more stylish, feel more comfortable.

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