• Product name: MKA005

Optional color:

Basic configuration :

▶ speed don't: twenty s ▶ frame: super light high strength aluminum alloy frame fork ▶ folding device: maruishi patent outside V folding machine ▶ the made: new forging the V single fold the ▶ made the cross: new eccentric turn the rapid locking mechanism ▶ variable speed system: SHIMANO 4600 suite and s speed control system ▶ foot: wellgo detachable foot ▶ shaft skin: qing hao super light four perlin HuaGu ▶ rim: scandium alloy double to broach ring ▶ KENDA tire: double color tire ▶ saddle: human body function WTB learn seat cushion

Product features:

▶ good ride: high and low freedom, enjoyed by young and old ▶ good fold: three fold, at ease ▶ good accept: founder rules, collection ▶ convenient use: sports leisure, agile speed ▶ good-looking: beautiful appearance, fashionable and easy ▶ fun: six outing, natural follow ▶ good tybalt: small portable, free to carry

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