• Product name: CAT2632/2432

Selective Color:

basic configuration:

▶ Frame: brazed frame ▶ Handlebar: Stainless steel handlebar, aluminum stem ▶ Grips: OGK grips ▶ transmission system: within the three-speed Shimano

▶ Brake System: Shimano roller brake ▶ shaft skin: long Yu front hub ▶ Rim: Alloy rims ▶ basket: Maruishi special basket ▶ first car lights: LED lamp ▶ Friction lock: Maruishi special lock

▶ Stable: intimate style, safe and secure ▶ Beauty: beautiful shape, China and impressive ▶ light: internal and external gear, relaxed riding ▶ prison: tempered, high strength and durable ▶ NEW: import technology, innovation ▶ Lim: the scale of procurement, quality and price inexpensive

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