• Product name: TROJAN500D

Selective Color:

Available size:16"/18"

basic configuration:

▶ Do not speed: 21s ▶ Frame: high-strength aluminum frame ▶ Fork: aluminum suspension fork shoulder ▶ control systems: the aluminum cross / stem / seat tube / deputy of the transmission system ▶ ▶ Shimano 21s transmission system brake system: ZOOM mechanical disc ▶ shaft skin: Yu long hubs

▶ Rim: disc cutter ring ▶ Tyres: CST tire ▶ Saddle Mountain: comfortable cushion

▶ high strength frame, fashion rough mad, filling pioneer charm ▶ top of the file transmission system, enjoy the fun of riding fast damping ▶ cost around configured, all road traffic ▶ humane handle design, reduce fatigue ▶ dedicated mountain saddle Block, improve riding pleasure ▶ professional mountain tires, wide and multi-toothed, strong grip, non-slip earthquake strong buffering capacity ▶ professional braking systems, beautiful, practical, ensure safe cycling

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