• Product name: MBA672

Selective Color:

basic configuration:

Do 7S ▶ ▶ Speed Frame Lightweight aluminum frame ▶ New Folder forging ram folding device ▶ stem new forging mandrel stem ▶ double-fold transmission speed gear system shimano 7 foot folding pedal system ▶ ▶ forged aluminum sprocket chain plate ▶ ▶ Tyres KENDA tire brake system aluminum "V" brake ▶ reinforced aluminum seat tube seat tube

▶ good ride: the level of freedom, ages ▶ better off: three-fold, casual ▶ good harvest: Founder rules, convenient collection ▶ handy: sports and leisure, flexible shift ▶ Attractive: beautiful appearance, generous fashion ▶ Amusing: six outing, good natural heart ▶ mention: compact and lightweight, freely portable

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