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In September 1894, the 36-year-old Mr. Kenji Ishikawa established the “Ishikawa Chamber of Commerce” – the predecessor of Maruishi Bicycle in Yokohama, Japan.
In 1900, the main business of “Ishikawa Chamber of Commerce” turned to bicycle industry, the Chamber of Commerce invested in bicycle design and production, laying a solid foundation for the independent production of Maruishi in the future.
In 1909, Ishikawa Chamber of Commerce was renamed “Maruishi Chamber of Commerce”.
In 1920, the first Maruishi bicycle produced by Japan independently was launched.
In 1926, total capital of Maruishi Chamber of Commerce was expanded to 10 million yen, and Maruishi occupied an important status in the Japanese bicycle market, and it began to introduce motorcycle production technology from the Great Britain in the same year.
In 1950, Maruishi took the first in the industry in entrusting the third design company “GK Design” to improve its products, making Maruishi products achieve a significant breakthrough in the bicycle field.
In 1957, Maruishi bicycles passed the JIS certification and began to comprehensively occupy Japan’s domestic market.
In 1988, the first “shaft-driven” bicycle created by Maruishi came onto the market, establishing Maruishi’s leading position in the global bicycle field.
In 2009, Tianjin Asec Vehicles Co., Ltd. – a subsidiary of Fujitec Group began to be fully responsible for the production of Maruishi brand and its international business.
In 2012, on the basis of stabilizing the international market of Maruishi, Tianjin Asec Vehicles Co., Ltd. officially started the domestic market business. Then, Asec launched a series of products targeted at domestic market in 2013, comprehensively meeting the demand of domestic users.
In 2014, it was the 120th anniversary of the establishment of Maruishi brand.